Miya Model® Pelvic Surgery Training Model

The Miya Model Consists of:

  • Pelvic Frame
  • Replaceable Anatomic Cartridges
    • Vagina with Endoplasmic Fascia Layer
    • Uterus, Tubes & Ovaries
    • Bladder
    • Sacrospinous Ligament
    • Obturator Complex
    • Perineum

Features & Benefits

  • Lifelike skin
  • Life-size organs
  • Realistic cutting and puncturing tensions
  • Palpable surgical landmarks
  • Pressurized vascular system with bleeding for inadequate technique
  • Inflatable bladder that leaks water if damaged
  • Mounted on a rotating stand with the top of the pelvis open for easy visibility
  • Designed to support pragmatic practice of specific surgical procedures & experiences
  • Designed to provide access and visibility for supervising physicians and credentialing committees with topical access and video capabilities for greater guidance and review
  • Light weight model provides convenient transportation, set-up, use, and storage
  • Used to practice all major vaginal surgical procedures with the potential to support additional procedures in the future.