Vulva with Endopelvic Fascia Layer

Vulva with Endopelvic
Fascia Layer

  • Realistic feel and vaginal texture
  • Soft vaginal wall allows for palpation of Arcus Tendonius Fascia Pelvis from inferior pubic ramus to the ischial spine
  • special materials design enables the surgeon to have a realistic feel when cutting

Additional Information:

  • Vagina longitudinal dimension is 8-9 cm. Vaginal wall thickness is approx 3-4 mm thick, not including the fascia. 3 pegs for mounting to the pubis and rami.

Features & Benefits

  • Opening at opening snug fit around the cervix.

  • Anterior and Posterior cul de sacs are palpable

  • 1-2mm Endopelvic fascial layer extends to ATFP and is anchored to a slot above the ischial spines of the pelvis. Creates fascia plane and enables full thickness vaginal wall dissection to the Arcus Tendonius Fascia Pelvis

  • Medical grade, Platinum Cure RTV silicone, dual durometer

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