The first affordable, true-to-life surgical training model for pelvic surgeries.


“Simulation training is becoming the standard of care when applicable for teaching all types of gynecological procedures.”

Training for pelvic surgery has recently become a hot topic not only for learning but also for maintaining necessary skills and preparing scenarios to resolve a variety of complications.

Simulation training is becoming the standard of care when applicable for teaching all types of procedures.

The U.S. and Chinese patented Miya Model can provide education, teaching, and hands-on practice for multiple gynecologic procedures.

Supported procedures include:

  • Speculum exams
  • General pelvic exams
  • Vaginal hysterectomy (with or without bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy)
  • Transobturator slings (both the inside-out and outside-in approaches)
  • Retropubic slings (both the top-down and bottom-up approaches)
  • Full-thickness vaginal wall dissection to the Arcus Tendineous Fascia Pelvis
  • Bilateral sacrospinous ligament suspension

Miya Model is the best option available for training pelvic surgery techniques.

Miyazaki Enterprises is dedicated to working diligently to make training safer and more cost-effective with the Miya Model. Our dedication to education and proper training makes healthcare safer for all involved. The Miya Model, the premier pelvic surgery training model, offers a realistic surgical experience. Surgeons can ‘clamp, cut, and tie’ pedicles and feel the characteristic ‘pop’ when passing needles through surgical planes, allowing them to develop muscle memory and gain real experience before performing procedures on live patients.

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Miya Model & THE MARKET

The Miya Model is designed with every aspect of the gynecological industry in mind. It is our goal at Miyazaki Enterprises to create effective, realistic simulation tools and training modules. These resources are relied upon by students, practicing practitioners, and advanced residents to enhance their skill sets, leading to improved performance and higher success rates in gynecologic procedures within the medical field. Discover how we collaborate with Allied Health, OB-GYNs, and the broader gynecological industry to enhance their training programs and simultaneously advance the future of gynecological medicine.

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The Miya App is a support tool for the 3D Miya Model, the premier pelvic surgery training model.