Advancing vaginal surgery with simulation models for realistic training & practice.

Echoing concerns from the ACGME and other governing bodies, Dr. Miyazaki developed the Miya Model (Miyazaki Vaginal Surgery Training Model) as a tool to help residency programs more adequately and proficiently train future surgeons in the art of vaginal surgery.

Vaginal surgery procedures require tactile skill, muscle memory and precise knowledge of anatomical landmarks.  Practice and repetition are essential for mastering this form of surgery.

Prior to the introduction of the Miya Model, the market lacked a vaginal simulation model that offered opportunities for teaching, practicing, performing, and standardizing proficiency in multiple vaginal procedures.

In direct response to the Milestone Project, the Miya Model is reproducible, with constant variables. It enables objective assessment of skills and techniques, which holds significant value for credentialing and maintaining proficiency in low-volume procedures.

With the Miya Model, practitioners can now:

  • Offer a breadth of training capacity, allowing for residency group training
  • Mimic surgical experiences and facilitate case reviews with customizable anatomical features and presentations
  • Provide an across-the-board skills-building platform, covering routine mid-level clinical procedures to advanced pelvic floor surgical options
  • Simulate vaginal surgical procedures
  • Simulate office-based procedures such as bimanual pelvic exams, pap smears, endometrial biopsies, and more
  • Alleviate safety concerns in training
  • Create a ‘no-risk’ environment for optimal skills development
  • Provide cost efficiency compared to previous training tools
  • Eliminate physician and hospital liabilities during procedure practice

7 minutes with Dr. Miyazaki

Teaching vaginal hysterectomy on the Miya Model