Slide Providing the most comprehensive , effective, and affordable gynecological simulation training solution — for everyone. Miya Model & THE MARKET

Fulfilling Market Needs.

Learn how the Miya Model is helping to alleviate the systemic decline in vaginal surgery and increasing the accuracy of future gynecological practitioners.

Allied Health

The Miya Model has been designed to reinforce and encourage reliable and efficient systems for educating future practitioners. Complete with educational curriculums backed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist, the Miya Model is the perfect companion for your continued educational program.


Miyazaki Enterprises created the Miya Model with the vast variety of procedures, challenges and restrictions with training OB/GYN residents in mind. Learn more about how the Miya Model can help make your training procedures safer and more effective!

The Industry

Used by ACOG, SGS, IUGA, AAGL, and the ABOG, the Miya model is supported and used by the companies that set the industry standards for gynecological medicine. See how the Miya Model is changing the way our educational boards are training and certifying our future practictioners.