Fulfilling Market Needs.

Learn how the Miya Model is helping to alleviate the systemic decline in vaginal surgery and increasing the accuracy of future gynecological practitioners.

Allied Health

The Miya Model has been designed to reinforce and encourage reliable and efficient systems for educating future practitioners. Complete with educational curriculums backed by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist, the Miya Model is the perfect companion for your continued educational program.


Miyazaki Enterprises created the Miya Model with the vast variety of procedures, challenges and restrictions with training OB/GYN residents in mind. Learn more about how the Miya Model can help make your training procedures safer and more effective!

The Industry

Used by ACOG, SGS, IUGA, AAGL, and the ABOG, the Miya Model is supported and used by the companies that set the industry standards for gynecological medicine. See how the Miya Model is changing the way our educational boards are training and certifying our future practictioners.


The past 10 years have witnessed the beginnings of the simulation for surgical training and we are still in the development stage of this movement. We need better models for surgical training that are realistic and not overly expensive… It is the first model developed for teaching the steps of a vaginal hysterectomy as well as other vaginal reparative procedures. I have practiced with this model and it is realistic with regards to size, shape and feel of tissue. Residents will be able to perform a vaginal hysterectomy or vaginal repair from start to finish on the model,… These competencies are an effort to assure that training is more standardized across programs, so that, for example, when a resident completes 4 years of an accredited Ob/Gyn residency, they will have demonstrated ability to perform necessary procedures for our specialty no matter where they trained.

Leslie Kammire, MD

Associate Residency Director: Surgical Curriculum
Obstetrics and Gynecology

As a designer and manufacturer of medical simulation models, we receive frequent inquiries from the market requesting multi-functional surgical trainers with advanced capabilities. Unfortunately, medical device and supply companies have been unable to follow through with the detailed and time-consuming development process that such invention requires… Dr. Miyazaki possesses both the expertise and commitment to satisfy this obvious need…This training model promises to provide the gynecological community with a long desired combination of interchangeable pathologies, real bleeding vessels, replaceable tissues for practicing dissection, suture, etc., etc.