High-Fidelity Vaginal Surgery Model - Miya Model

Miya Model – Multi-Procedural Simulation Package – [LARGE]

The Large Simulation Package is designed for programs that fully utilize the Miya Model for gynecologic vaginal surgery education and assessment. Our best offer contains parts to perform 40 educational hysterectomies, 15 assessment hysterectomies, 9 sling training labs as well as replacement parts supporting operative hysteroscopy, cystoscopy, and retro-pubic sling procedures.


  • Educational Vaginal Hysterectomy Set (40)
  • Assessment Vaginal Hysterectomy Set (20)
  • Vagina (8)
  • Obturator Membrane Set (10)
  • Vulva (2)
  • Large Uterus (5)
  • Bladder (5)

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