Assessment Uterus

  • High-fidelity uterus with vascular supply
  • Realistic cervical os connecting to full uterine cavity, accepts IUD
  • Broad ligament with connections to pelvic frame via stiff rods for secure attachment
  • Easy replacement into sliding lock

Includes: cervix, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Additional Information:

  • Total length from the cervix to the top of the fundus is 4 inches the width is 2.5. Inches
  • Anterior/post diam. is 2 inches
  • Cervical length is 1.5 inches
  • Cervical diameter is 6mm with ability with accept 7
  • Broad ligament with appropriate feel for clamping, cutting and tying, approx. 3mm thickness
  • Uterine artery should be close to a 14 French catheter, so lumen is about 3-4 mm and total diameter of the tube is about 4-5 mm up to 6mm
  • Future uterus is being developed for operative hysteroscopy, the more challenging hysterectomy and a uterus compatible with bipolar technology

Features & Benefits

  • Supports vaginal hysterectomy, apical suspension, bladder flap dissection and anterior cul-de-sac entry

  • Medical grade silicone construction

  • Realistic clamping, cutting, and suturing tensions

  • Vasculature runs through the broad ligament and will fit standard IV tubing

  • Mesh is embedded in aspects of the uterosacral, cardinal, and broad ligaments to reinforce proper suture placement

  • Vascular supply supports bleeding with improper knot tying technique

  • Anterior peritoneal flap signifies when an anterior cul de sac entry is performed

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