Obturator Complex

  • Combined obturator membrane and obturator internus/externus muscles

Additional Information:

  • Penetration force of 1-3 lb/sq. in. to simulate ‘pop’ of puncture
  • Silicone rubber with tyvec reinforcement (Poly PT Flex 20 material reinforced with tyvec and smooth cast 305 housing)

Features & Benefits

  • Obturator fossa is easily palpated.

  • Obturator complex is housed with a circular frame which turns and locks into the pelvic sidewall at the obturator foramen.

  • Special locking mechanism allows for realistic trocar passage feel and “Pop” from an inside out or outside in approach.

  • Includes raised ridge of the ATFP which extends from the inferior pubic rami towards the ischial spine.

  • Anchoring devices and suturing can be performed along the length of the Arcus Tendonius Fascia Pelvis.

  • 360 degrees of tension during palpation.

  • 360 degrees of tension during palpation.

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