Sacrospinous Ligament

  • Single band with hook connections at each ischial spine and screw on sacral plate
  • Penetration force of 1-3 lb/sq. in. to simulate ‘pop’ of puncture with trocar passage

Additional Information:

  • Sacral edge lines up with foramina S4-S5, about 3 cm wide as per cadaver studies; prominent texture can be felt through the vaginal wall

Features & Benefits

  • SS ligament has the ‘Characteristic’ ridges which are palpable on the vaginal and rectal exam

  • The ligament originates from the ischial spine and terminates into the lateral sacrum

  • Trocar/needle passage can be from above or below the ligament

  • Casted rubber with tyvec reinforcement (Poly PT Flex 20 material reinforced with tyvec and smooth cast 305 plate)

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