Individual Parts

Anything considered to be a small piece to the complete model that can be sold as a replacement part.

Assessment Uterus

Assessment Uterus High-fidelity uterus with vascular supply [...]

Assessment Uterus2024-03-25T10:37:10-04:00

Multi-Procedural Uterus

Multi-Procedural Uterus Large high-fidelity uterus featuring a [...]

Multi-Procedural Uterus2024-03-25T10:28:52-04:00


Bladder Hollow bladder with opening on [...]


Obturator Complex

Obturator Complex Combined obturator membrane and obturator internus/externus [...]

Obturator Complex2024-03-25T10:52:54-04:00


Perineum Fits taught into grooves in ischium [...]


Sacrospinous Ligament

Sacrospinous Ligament Single band with hook connections [...]

Sacrospinous Ligament2024-03-25T10:49:08-04:00

Vulva with Frame

Vulva with Frame Realistic appearance and feel. [...]

Vulva with Frame2023-02-07T00:03:28-05:00
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