In the healthcare industry, budgetary constraints often force us to get creative to make our funds and resources stretch a long way. For many, that means sacrificing on equipment required to train the next generation of surgeons. 

That’s precisely why we created the Miya Model!

We’ve taken every possible measure to ensure our high-fidelity pelvic surgery model is both affordable AND ideally suited for true-to-life surgical simulation. 

What Makes the Miya Model So Cost-Effective?

The Miya Model boasts surprising cost-saving benefits for medical institutions:

  • Multi-procedure capabilities – The versatility of the Miya Model is unrivaled by any other pelvic model on the market. Learners across the U.S. are already using the model to practice basic gynecological exam methods, vaginal hysterectomies, sling procedures, diagnostic procedures, and more!
  • Reusability – Unlike cadavers and many homemade solutions, Miya Model parts can be used time and time again! For instance, after practicing a vaginal hysterectomy on the Miya Model, instructors can repurpose the vagina for sling procedures, anterior and posterior repair, and even small uterus operations.
  • Easy part replacement – When parts reach their end-of-life, affordable replacements can be easily ordered directly through our website. Just fill out a purchase form and our responsive team will contact you promptly to get you what you need!
  • Enhanced long-term surgical success – By providing realistic training, the Miya Model empowers institutions to invest in future surgeons’ success. This translates to increased surgical competency, ultimately improving patient outcomes and reducing the need to fork out the big bucks to procure qualified surgeons.

Why Affordability is Important to Miyazaki Enterprises

Our team knows firsthand how difficult it can be to find time, funding, and resources for adequate OBGYN training. And we’ve also noticed a major decline in the number of surgeons skilled in highly complex pelvic procedures, like vaginal hysterectomy.

We want to help bridge that experience gap!

Our mission is to raise the bar for pelvic surgery training worldwide, and affordability is a key pillar of that mission.

Ready to equip the next generation of pelvic surgeons? Visit our website to learn how the Miya Model can transform your OBGYN training program.

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