Experience is undoubtedly the best teacher. But in the field of medicine, it can be difficult to gain true-to-life experience without spending exorbitant amounts of money on cadavers or creating unnecessary risk during live surgeries.

Miyazaki Enterprises is changing the field of medical education with healthcare innovations that take learning to another level. The Miya Model is a cutting-edge surgical simulator that optimizes learning for both OBGYN students and instructors.


What is the Miya Model?

The Miya Model is a high-fidelity surgical training model used to practice pelvic surgeries. It helps students gain much-needed muscle memory for various gynecological procedures.

The Miya Model features life-like skin and life-size organs. It also offers realistic cutting and puncturing tensions so that obstetricians and gynecologists feel like they are piercing through real skin when practicing.

It supports a wide range of surgical training and procedures, with more expected to be added in the future.


What is in the Miya Model Set?

Just as the pelvis is composed of different parts, the Miya Model is a complete package that consists of the following:

  • Vulva with pelvis
  • Procedural uterus
  • Sacrospinous ligament
  • Perineum
  • Stand
  • Bladder
  • Educational set
  • Assessment set

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Benefits of Realistic Surgical Training for OBGYNs

Practicing surgical procedures on a realistic model benefits both doctors and their patients in several key ways:

Boosted Confidence

Practice is critical for surgeons who regularly perform complex procedures. A sophisticated model like the Miya Model is a significant step up from milk cartons and other easily obtained household materials. 

While those low-fidelity models can teach surgical skills to a point, a more realistic, durable model can help doctors develop confidence during training, ultimately making them better surgeons.

Muscle Memory and Surgical Skills

Spending years in the classroom and practicing on home-made models is simply insufficient. True-to-life surgical training helps students improve their skills more precisely and efficiently. The Miya Model helps doctors simulate real-life situations and develop much-needed muscle memory.

With the Miya Model, a wrong move will cause the vascular system to bleed and the bladder to leak water if damaged during the procedure. This sophisticated high-fidelity simulation ensures doctors are better prepared when in an actual surgery.

As a result, more accurate practice helps prevent errors and ensures optimal patient outcomes.


Practice Anywhere with the Miya Model

The Miya Model is lightweight and easy to assemble, making transportation and storage hassle-free. Doctors and medical students can use the high-fidelity OBGYN surgical model anytime and anywhere to develop muscle memory and gain the confidence to undertake different pelvic procedures.

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