Are you looking for a game-changing pelvic simulator to elevate your OBGYN surgical training program? Traditional models have major limitations – they lack realistic anatomy, comprehensive procedure capabilities, and reusability. The revolutionary Miya Model overcomes these shortcomings, providing an unparalleled surgical training experience.

Shortcomings of Other Pelvic Models

Outside of the Miya Model, there are a handful of other available pelvic models. Yet, these models pale in comparison to the Miya Model in the following ways: 

  1. Useful for anatomical study only – A large majority of existing pelvic models are not designed for surgical simulation. Instead, they simply provide healthcare professionals with a visual aid when learning and teaching pelvic anatomy.
  2. Offers only virtual simulation – A good number of the models that ARE used for surgical simulation are primarily virtual in nature. You simply don’t get the realistic anatomical feel and feedback so valuable in surgical training.
  3. Limited procedure capabilities – Institutions need training equipment that can accommodate a wide variety of surgical procedures. Unfortunately, existing simulation models are generally designed only for pelvic exams or only allow a single procedure practice session.
  4. Not readily available for bulk use – Some of the more realistic surgical simulation techniques rely on cadavers or cadaver-based masks, which simply aren’t available on a large scale for skills development and assessment.
  5. Often lacks reproducibility – Once you operate on a cadaver or cadaveric model once, you can’t simply replace model components and reuse the same pelvis. This makes such methods unsuitable for routine instruction or practice.
  6. Can be far too expensive – Cadavers and cadaver-based simulation models are definitely not cheap. Institutions spend a pretty penny securing these training resources for instructors and students.

What Sets the Miya Model Apart?

The Miya Model as the preeminent pelvic model currently available for surgical training and assessment in the OBGYN field for a number of reasons: 

  1. Exceptional anatomical accuracy With a precise, high-fidelity design, the Miya Model offers a true-to-life experience that prepares students for live surgery effectively and efficiently.
  2. Comprehensive procedure capabilities The Miya Model is the only existing surgical simulation model to accommodate such a wide range of surgical procedures.
  3. Realistic tactile feel & response – Surgeons can “clamp, cut, and tie” pedicles and feel the characteristic “pop” when passing needles through the Miya Model’s surgical planes, equipping them with the critical muscle memory they need for live surgery.
  4. Available for bulk orders – We produce the Miya Model on a large scale, supplying institutions across the U.S. with as many model frames and parts as needed for regular resident training and assessment.
  5. Reusable model base & replaceable parts – Customers can easily order replacement components, including the uterus, vagina, bladder, perineum, and more.
  6. Much more affordable At Miyazaki Enterprises, affordability is one of our top priorities. We’ve developed a model that offers BOTH a realistic surgical experience and a smart economical choice for healthcare institutions.

Bonus: On top of all these benefits, the Miya Model comes with a FREE app, providing procedure-specific walkthrough videos, assessment questionnaires, and more!

OBGYN Training Reimagined: The Miya Model Advantage

The Miya Model is rapidly becoming the pelvic simulator of choice for OBGYN residency programs nationwide. It provides the realism and versatility to effectively prepare the next generation of surgeons.

Take your surgical training to new heights – explore the Miya Model today!

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