The Miya Model has been described time and time again as a “high-fidelity” surgical simulation model. In this article, we explain this terminology and discuss why the Miya Model has earned the designation.


What does “high-fidelity” mean?

In the world of surgical simulation, high-fidelity refers to models that are particularly realistic. High-fidelity models offer a true-to-life experience that elevates the quality of surgical learning, practice, and assessment. 

High-fidelity is especially important in the Obstetrics and Gynecology fields. 

Vaginal surgeries require surgeons to work in a deep, narrow space with limited view. To operate successfully, surgeons must have accurate depth perception, ambidexterity, knowledge of anatomy, and tissue-handling skills. 

OBGYNs need a high level of skill and precision that can only be achieved with repetitive, accurate practice and experience. Unfortunately, current OBGYN training standards rely heavily on live surgery and training cadavers. 

That’s why our team came out with the Miya Model.


How the Miya Model fits the bill

Validated as “an effective tool to assess vaginal hysterectomy skills,” the high-fidelity Miya Model [1] creates a realistic surgical experience that accommodates more pelvic procedures than any other existing models. 

Additionally, training on the Miya Model is a fraction of the cost of practicing on cadavers. 

That’s because students can perform multiple procedures on the same model and the model has replaceable parts for different anatomic surgical sites.

“The Miya Model fulfills the needs that fall between cadavers and plastic models,” Dr. Douglas Miyazaki, Inventor of the Miya Model said.

 “Current models lack the critical tactile feel for effective learning. Cadavers are very expensive, and they have limitations on use and true tissue feel when performing the actual procedures.”

When surgeons practice clamping, cutting, and tying pedicles on the Miya Model, they feel the realistic sensation of live tissue of cutting and suturing through surgical planes. With the Miya Model, OBGYN residents get a realistic surgical experience and develop accurate muscle memory and feel before operating on actual patients.


Miyazaki Enterprises – The Miya Model

The Miyazaki Enterprises team is striving to bridge the experience gap in vaginal surgery that has emerged in recent years. A cost-effective, safe alternative to current training tools, the Miya Model is helping institutions across the U.S., Europe, and China train stronger pelvic surgeons.

Interested in the Miya Model for your institution? Learn more about Miya Model here.

Plus, the FREE Miya Model app offers quality training materials, videos, and assessments. 


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