Medical professionals across the globe have been talking about how current gynecological surgery training methods are lacking in significant ways.

That’s why Dr. Douglas Miyazaki created the Miya Model.

“The Miya Model was created through a passion for better surgical outcomes through safer and better surgical training,” Dr. Douglas Miyazaki said.

In this blog, we discuss…

  • The shortcomings of outdated surgical practice standards
  • And how the Miya Model provides a better way to practice pelvic surgery


Shortcomings of Outdated Pelvic Surgery Standards

The current standard for vaginal surgery instruction relies on live surgery and the use of training cadavers. These approaches have several shortcomings:

  • Patient Risks – Without a good way to get valuable pelvic surgery practice, surgical students cannot acquire the ideal preparation for live patient surgeries.
  • Liability Risks – Not only does a surgery gone wrong impact the patient, but it can raise major medical institution liability issues.
  • Limited Availability – There simply aren’t enough training cadavers available for widespread surgical learning. 
  • High Costs – Not to mention, training cadavers can be extremely expensive, making it a challenge to properly train resident surgeons when budgets are tight.
  • Instructor Shortage – There is such a high demand for proctoring surgeons and nowhere near enough instructors to provide adequate training.

Over time, these limitations have caused a decrease in resident exposure to live training. And as the healthcare industry continues experiencing a shortage in funding, we can expect this problem to get worse before it gets better.


How the Miya Model Helps

Dr. Miyazaki designed the Miya Model to specifically address these shortcomings.

“I have trained and been involved in teaching at the same institution for over 20+ years and witnessed a large decline in resident case volumes,” Dr. Miyazaki said. “The Miya Model surgery simulator was developed to create a ‘patient safe’ training platform where residents and surgeons learning new procedures can practice/perform the entire procedure on a real tissue-like model over and over to perfect their skills ‘Before’ entering the operating room.”

The Miya Model is a life-like pelvic model that makes it easier for resident surgeons to gain adequate surgical practice before performing live procedures. With an impressive tactile feel and meticulous anatomical placement, the model delivers superior cost efficiency and reproducibility.


Miyazaki Enterprises – The Miya Model

Vaginal surgery training should not rely on risky live surgery or expensive training cadavers. A safe, true-to-life training alternative, the Miya Model opens up critical resident training opportunities – without all the risks and costs. 

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