There is no singular “best” way to learn with the Miya Model. Yet, many learning strategies have proven successful for many Miya Model students.


How to Learn With Miya Model

Surgeons can structure learning with the Miya Model in a variety of ways.

Self-Directed Learning

Residents and learners can use videos and other resources to walk through surgical procedures on the Miya Model. They can also use the FREE Miya App (available on Apple and Android) to practice on the Miya Model.

Attending-Directed (Proctored) Learning

A proctor can instruct and observe while students practice with the Miya Model. This method lets instructors monitor model practice, assess student performance, and suggest improvements.

Expert Demonstration

An educator can operate on the Miya Model while learners observe their technique. The practice operation can be broadcast with a video camera or microsurgery visualization tool (like the VITOM by Karl Storz).

NOTE: This method is cost-effective, saving valuable time, personnel, space, and other resources.

Learner Evaluation

If a student has enough background knowledge, they can perform procedures on the Miya Model while being recorded or accompanied by a live proctor. The proctor can, in turn, provide feedback in the moment or after video analysis.  

Learner-Directed Teaching

More advanced learners can teach less experienced surgeons under a proctor’s observation. This approach creates a win-win situation. The more experienced learner will gain true-to-life experience and surgical confidence while teaching. And the newer surgeon will gain valuable knowledge of gynecological surgeries and procedures.

NOTE: These are a few examples of effective educational strategies. You can combine and adapt them to suit different needs and expectations. 


Choosing a Miya Model Learning Method

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Miya Model learning strategy:

  • How many learners are there?
  • How many proctors/educators are available to teach the Miya Model?
  • How many Miya Models can your institution afford?
  • Which gynecological procedures are being taught?
  • What time constraints are you facing?
  • What level of experience do the learners have with gynecological procedures?
  • What sort of space limitations do you have?
  • What kind of video or visualization equipment do you have?


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