Vaginal hysterectomies and other pelvic surgeries are complex, highly sensitive procedures. In the high-stakes world of surgical training, overwhelmed resident students can find solace and mastery through a strategic approach: task breakdowns.

Our focus today? Unraveling the transformative impact of task breakdowns in the realm of gynecological simulation training.


What are surgical task breakdowns?

Just as it sounds, a surgical task breakdown is a dissection of a procedure into more manageable, comprehensible steps. 

When it comes to vaginal surgery, each step requires a precise skill set to execute successfully. The most effective surgeon-educators can easily identify and walk learners through surgical skills at an extremely broken-down level.

When applying a task breakdown, it can be helpful to employ the common Peyton’s 4-step approach to teaching surgical skills. Every time you teach a new skill to a class of surgical students, walk through these four steps:

  1. The instructor demonstrates the skill at his or her natural pace (without comment or explanation).
  2. The instructor repeats the skill, this time explaining what they are doing along the way.
  3. Role reversal – the student becomes the teacher, explaining each sub-step as the instructor follows the student’s directions.
  4. The student performs the skill as the instructor assesses their performance.


Task breakdowns & the Miya Model

This task breakdown methodology is ideal for surgical simulation training. It provides a simpler way for students to learn complicated vaginal procedures, without resulting in cognitive overload. Using the high fidelity Miya Model, teachers can demonstrate gynecological skills as students watch and replicate the steps on their own models. 

And the Miyazaki Enterprises team has already done some of the work for you! 

In our FREE Miya Model training app, we’ve included logical task breakdowns of the technical steps needed to perform vaginal hysterectomy, retropubic slings, transobturator slings, and more.


Miyazaki Enterprises – The Miya Model

At Miyazaki Enterprises, our goal is to help institutions worldwide improve vaginal surgery training and produce surgeons who are better equipped to perform complex surgeries, like vaginal hysterectomy. With our true-to-life simulation model – the Miya Model – gynecological training is now easier, safer, and more affordable than ever before.

Ready to optimize surgical training at your institution? Learn more about Miya Model here.

Don’t forget to download the FREE Miya Model app for quality training materials, videos, and assessments. 


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